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Research in Maya zooarchaeology and environmental archaeology can really only proceed with funding from grants and donations. Many granting agencies like the National Science Foundation, Wenner Gren, Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies Inc, the Heinz Grant Program for Latin American Archaeology, Sigma Xi, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, etc. have all generously funded aspects of my work. But donated funds from interested organizations and individuals are also a much appreciated source of support for my work. If you are interested in providing a direct donation to support my work, please don't hesitate to !

You may also provide a donation to the Florida Museum Environmental Archaeology Endowment (begun with generous support from the FAO Schwarz Family Foundation). This endowment provides support for collections, research, and education in the Environmental Archaeology Program of the Florida Museum of Natural History where I am curator. Your donation to this endowment can be made through the University of Florida Research Foundation (a 501k charitable institution). To donate to this endowment please use the form above to go directly to the UF Research Foundation On-Line Giving site where you can complete your donation (using the form above does not complete the donation, this must be done at the UFRF site). You may remain anonymous, but we would be very happy to thank you personally for any donation you provide.

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